"UMS’ collection targeted mainly the general public. However, in the UMS drawing office, manager and designer D.L. Braakman (1885-1966) sought a public-friendly variant of the restrained but decorative designs of the Amsterdam School. Without a great deal of commercial success, though: the business design style had not yet found favour with the general public. Nevertheless, UMS continued to flirt with innovative design. The influences of art deco and Scandinavian furniture could be found in the rounded shapes and lighter woods.

After the Second Word War UMS made a new start. Initially, the old course – the production of an accessible collection – was continued. The management quickly came to the definitive and radical decision for contemporary design. The furniture took on a calm and restrained appearance. The clear collection was suited for a range of home situations. This ‘passe partout’ principle was worked into the new brand name, PasToe”.

images via fuse and midcenturia

(Source: pastoe.com)